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This site is on a new server

After some months of niggling problems with this site, in particular with uploading new pages, DediPower whose servers host it have identified a problem with the server.
As a consequence the whole lot, almost 400 files totalling 14 Megabytes, has been uploaded to a new server. The biggest difference you will see is that the URL of the page will now appear as "" even if you visit the site using "" Mostly navigation through the site will then be as before but you might find the occasional page giving a "Not Found" error or you might find a password that doesn't work. If this happens and you have typed "" for instance, try typing "" instead. I am trying to solve this with the help of the DediPower support team but this might take a few days if it can be fixed at all. I am also working through the site page by page and making changes where necessary but you might get to a particular problem page ahead of me. If you do find anything not working as it should please let me know using the email address at the bottom of the page.



This site is on a new server (...continued)

The site now appears to be working as it was on the previous server; there are a couple of missing pictures which I have to replace otherwise all seems to be well. There is still a problem with email addresses associated with the site in that they just don't work. If you have had an email to the site bounced back to you try this address. bjordan(at)racingdrivers(dot)co(dot)uk corrected to look like a real email address.
Sorry about this but I really don't want to have this address harvested by a web 'bot. Brian


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