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BARC/BRDC K Sports 1600 Championship (2000)

Calendar, Championship Table
Reports: Round 1,2,3,4, 5/6,7,8,9,10, 11,12.

Championship Calendar
Round Date Circuit Organising Club
1Sat 4 MarchSilverstone NationalBRDC MC
2Sat 8 AprilOulton ParkBARC (NW)
3Mon 24 AprilSnettertonBARC
4Sat/Sun 6/7 MayPembreyBARC
5 & 6Sat/Sun 20/21 MayZolder (Two Races)BARC
7Sun 9 JulyMallory ParkBARC
8Sat 5 AugustSilverstone NationalPMC
9Sun 13 AugustThruxtonBARC
10Sun 3 SeptemberCadwell ParkBARC
11Sat/Sun 30 September/1 OctoberBrands HatchBRSCC
12Sat/Sun 14/15 OctoberSnettertonBARC
Note: (Championship Sporting Regulation 1.5.1) In accordance with MSA regulation B.8.4 the organisers reserve the right to amend the published list of dates and rounds, in which case, all registered competitors will be informed of the amendments by Official Bulletins posted to the address specified on the Official Registration Form.
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2000 Championship Table

PosDriver123456789101112TotalBest 10
1Tom Bellamy2527201612262622172420-235223
2Clive Woodward242022182020152713-1618213200
3Peter Clark-EX272526EX-2022252627198198
4Peter Richings20181823NF12181614151822194182
5Howard PayneNF1516211822201515141415185171
6James Lindley181410121615131012101316159139
7Paul Freeman101011141514998111213136119
8Dan Eagling8-14---1618-202320119119
9John Kelly121313-141611-1013--102102
10Chris Hart-16--2218-13-18--8787
11Arthur Dickens13-5-13135119-6108585
12Philip Barak151197--128----6262
13Guy Woodward---15--14--1615-6060
14Peter Burnham98NF10--36-85116060
15Tim Covill111215-----11-9-5858
16Malcolm Jackson------231420---5757
17John Palmer16NF8---457-785555
18Ian Mitchell---11--6-6910125454
19Brian Jordan-739--84578NF5151
20Michael Mallock-22------26---4848
21Tony Pouyanne-9-13--7--611-4646
22Mark Cousin14NFNF5---NF-12-94040
23Ray Mallock-------1218---3030
24Adrian Brown--7812NF------2727
25Jamie Champkin-64-NF-107NS---2727
26Chris Burnham5-26--21---72323
27Paul Tonkin7-12----NF----1919
28Willie Patterson----------NF141414
29Dave Roberts65----------1111
30Justin Nicholson--6----NF----66
31Brendan Herd-------2--4-66
32Simon Kelly-------3----33
33Keith Whyman----------NF-00
34David Smith-NF----------00
 Tom Boardman*-----------  
Points: 25,22,20,18,16,15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. Plus 1 for pole and 1 for fastest race lap. The totals from all qualifying rounds less 2 will determine final championship points and positions. (Sporting Regulations - General 1.6.2).
NF Started, but did not finish. NS Qualified to race, but did not start. EX Excluded from results.
* Tom Boardman finished 3rd in round 1 but was not registered for the championship.
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Round 1, Silverstone, Saturday March 4th, 14 Laps
Tom Bellamy rocketed into the Rover K Sports 1600 lead from row two, and the cushion served him well. Poleman Clive Woodward almost dropped Barry Webb's Mallock Mk 23 on the slippery surface and snaked out of Copse fifth. The ex-champion recovered, eroding Bellamy's lead mercilessly, but there was no way through.
The leader's bold dive inside a backmarker at Copse sealed a rare Phantom win. Mark Cousin's rise from 11th to fourth by Becketts was wasted with a wild spin amid a snow flurry. Focus the switched to Tom Boardman, who calmly held off Woodward and Peter Richings for four laps. Richings couldn't penetrate his defences, and gyrated at Luffield. Boardman's drive earned the featured Phil Morom trophy.
(Marcus Pye)

1 Tom Bellamy (Phantom P94) 15m 01.61s (91.81 mph)
2 Clive Woodward (Mallock Mk23) 15m 04.36s
3 Tom Boardman (Mallock Mk16)
4 Peter Richings (Mallock Mk27SG)
5 James Lindley (Mallock Mk27SG)
6 John Palmer (Mallock Mk21/23)

Fastest Lap Woodward 1m 02.34s (94.64 mph)
Pole Position Woodward 1m 02.40s (94.56 mph)

Top Six After Round 1
1Tom Bellamy25 2Clive Woodward24 3Peter Richings20
4James Lindley18 5John Palmer16 6Philip Barak15
Note: Although Tom Boardman finished 3rd he was not registered for the championship.
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Round 2, Oulton Park (Fosters), Saturday April 8th, l5 Laps
Tom Bellamy fought out a terrific finale with Michael Mallock for second position in the K Sports 1600 race. It was no surprise when the duo were promoted following Peter Clark's exclusion.
Clark just held off Mallock at the start, and all three remained evenly spaced until Clark locked up at Fosters on the eighth lap to give Mallock his chance. Side by side up Clay Hill, Clark still held on, and with Mallock running wide Bellamy managed to split the duo.
Three laps later the caution flags were out and everyone slowed the pace apart from Clark who almost lapped the field before the green flag. Mallock tried everything to retake Bellamy, but had to settle for second with Clive Woodward a clear third over Peter Richings.
(Peter Scherer)

1 Tom Bellamy (Phantom P94) 17:02.73 (87.33 mph)
2 Michael Mallock (Mallock Mk18B) 17:03.00
3 Clive Woodward (Mallock Mk23)
4 Peter Richings (Mallock Mk27SG)
5 Chris Hart (Mallock Mk16)
6 Howard Payne (Mallock Mk28)

Fastest Lap Bellamy 1:02.12 (95.85 mph) New lap record.
Pole Position Bellamy 1:02.24 (95.66 mph)

Top Six After Round 2
1Tom Bellamy52 2Clive Woodward44 3Peter Richings38
4James Lindley32 5Philip Barak26 6John Kelly25
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Round 3, Snetterton, Monday April 24th, 11 Laps
Reigning champion Peter Clark overcame more than just his rivals for his first Sports 1600 win of the year.
Clark quickly converted pole position into a handy lead, ahead of a terrific fight between Clive Woodward's Mallock and Tom Bellamy's Phantom. However, a piece of bodywork had become detached in Clark's Mallock, and he was forced to drive with one hand on the wheel and the other holding the car together. The offending piece eventually flew off, but not before Clark had almost crashed at Coram. Behind him, Woodward just held off the determined Bellamy to claim runner-up spot.
(Oliver Timson)

1 Peter Clark (Mallock Mk27/99) 13:54.96 (92.57 mph)
2 Clive Woodward (Mallock Mk23) 13:59.14
3 Tom Bellamy (Phantom P94)
4 Peter Richings (Mallock Mk27SG)
5 Howard Payne (Mallock Mk28)
6 Tim Covill (Mallock 27SG)

Fastest Lap Clark 1:14.67 (94.11 mph)
Pole Position Clark 1:14.68 (94.09 mph)

Top Six After Round 3
1Tom Bellamy72 2Clive Woodward66 3Peter Richings56
4James Lindley42 5=John Kelly38 5=Tim Covill38
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Round 4, Pembrey, Saturday/Sunday May 6th/7th, 14 Laps
Peter Clark won a K Sports procession from Peter Richings with Howard Payne coming home third.
(Matt Carroll)

1 Peter Clark (Mallock Mk27/99) 14:08.51 (86.48 mph)
2 Peter Richings (Mallock Mk27SG) 14:14.20
3 Howard Payne (Mallock Mk28)
4 Clive Woodward (Mallock Mk23)
5 Tom Bellamy (Phantom P94)
6 Guy Woodward (Mallock Mk16)

Fastest Lap Richings 58.92 (88.96 mph)
Pole Position Payne 58.61 (89.43 mph)

Top Six After Round 4
1Tom Bellamy88 2Clive Woodward84 3Peter Richings79
4James Lindley54 5=Howard Payne52 5=Peter Clark52
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Rounds 5/6, Zolder, Saturday/Sunday May 20th/21st, 8/10 Laps
Defending K Sports 1600 champion Peter Clark had a bitter-sweet weekend. He won the first race, but only after Chris Hart drove the wheels off his venerable Mallock Mk16 in pursuit.
Clark won on the road on Sunday, but was excluded over a driving standards issue. That left Phantom man Tom Bellamy to win from the back.
(Paul Lawrence)

Result of round 5
1 Peter Clark (Mallock Mk27/99) 18:22.03 (84.93 mph)
2 Chris Hart (Mallock Mk16) 18:22.38
3 Clive Woodward (Mallock Mk23)
4 Howard Payne (Mallock Mk28)
5 James Lindley (Mallock Mk27SG)
6 Paul Freeman (Ardmore FR95B)

Fastest Lap Tom Bellamy (Phantom P94) 1:47.71 (86.90 mph) New Lap Record
Pole Position Clark 1:52.92 (82.89 mph)

Result of round 6
1 Tom Bellamy (Phantom P94) 17:04.73 (73.07 mph)
2 Howard Payne (Mallock Mk28) 17:27.48
3 Clive Woodward (Mallock Mk23)
4 Chris Hart (Mallock Mk16)
5 John Kelly (Mallock Mk27/28)
6 James Lindley (Mallock Mk27SG)

Fastest Lap Bellamy 2:05.15 (73.07 mph)
Pole Position Peter Clark (Mallock Mk27/99) by virtue of victory in the first race.

Top Six After Rounds 5 and 6
1Tom Bellamy126 2Clive Woodward124 3Howard Payne92
4Peter Richings91 5James Lindley85 6Peter Clark78
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Round 7, Mallory Park, Sunday July 9th, 15 Laps
Phantom pilot Tom Bellamy's lights-to-flag victory extended his lead at the top of the K Sports 1600 standings.
Malcolm Jackson charged from fifth to second, but ran out of laps in which to catch the leader while Howard Payne clung on to the final podium place with five cars snapping at his heels.
(Tim Baggs)

1 Tom Bellamy (Phantom P94) 13:58.38 (86.95 mph)
2 Malcolm Jackson (Mallock Mk20B) 14:00.14
3 Howard Payne (Mallock Mk28)
4 Peter Richings (Mallock Mk27SG)
5 Daniel Eagling (Mallock Mk27)
6 Clive Woodward (Mallock Mk23)

Fastest Lap Jackson 52.12 (93.24 mph)
Pole Position Bellamy 47.73 (101.82 mph)

Top Six After Round 7
1Tom Bellamy152 2Clive Woodward139 3Howard Payne112
4Peter Richings109 5James Lindley98 6Paul Freeman83
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Round 8, Silverstone National, Saturday August 5th, 12 Laps
The K Sports 1600 race saw Clive Woodward lead from lights to flag. After romping away in the early stages, the former champion had fellow title hopeful Tom Bellamy too close for comfort in the latter stages. Bellamy spent half the race getting past reigning titlist Peter Clark, who shadowed them both to the flag.
(Dud Candler)
Both Clive and Tom bettered Matthew Slinn's three-year-old lap record of 1:01.96. (BJ)

1 Clive Woodward (Mallock Mk23) 12:38.72 (93.32 mph)
2 Tom Bellamy (Phantom P94) 12:39.31
3 Peter Clark (Mallock Mk27)
4 Daniel Eagling (Mallock Mk27)
5 Peter Richings (Mallok Mk27SG)
6 Howard Payne (Mallock Mk28)

Fastest Lap Woodward 1:01.78 (95.50 mph) New Lap Record
Pole Position Woodward 1:01.33 (96.20 mph)

Top Six After Round 8
1Tom Bellamy174 2Clive Woodward166 3Howard Payne127
4Peter Richings125 5James Lindley108 6Peter Clark98
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Round 9, Thruxton, Sunday August 13th, 10 Laps
On an afternoon where polesitters won five of the six races, young Michael Mallock broke the mould by taking K Sports 1600 honours with consummate ease. Reigning champion Peter Clark and another former titlist Malcolm Jackson had a race-long tussle for second, while the winner's father Ray took fourth.
(Dud Candler)

1 Michael Mallock (Mallock Mk16) 14:41.04 (96.26 mph)
2 Peter Clark (Mallock Mk27/99) 14:45.36
3 Malcolm Jackson (Mallock Mk20B)
4 Ray Mallock (Mallock U2 Mk18B)
5 Tom Bellamy (Phantom P94)
6 Howard Payne (Mallock Mk28)

Fastest Lap Michael Mallock 1:26.17 (98.42 mph)
Pole Position Bellamy 1:21.14 (104.53 mph)

Top Six After Round 9
1Tom Bellamy191 2Clive Woodward179 3Howard Payne142
4Peter Richings139 5=James Lindley120 5=Peter Clark120
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Round 10, Cadwell Park, Sunday September 3rd, 10 Laps
Tom Bellamy took a step closer to winning the BARC/BRDC K Sports 1600 Championship with a measured drive to second place at Cadwell Park last Sunday.
The Phantom driver suffered too much wheelspin at the green light which allowed Peter Clark to blast his Mallock into the lead and then hold his position to the flag to notch up his fourth victory of the year.
Bellamy quickly caught Clark, but then locked his front brakes before the Mountain and decided to settle for second place points.
(Jimmy Roberts)
Both Peter and Tom bettered Matthew Slinn's three-year-old lap record of 1:31.46. (BJ)

1 Peter Clark (Mallock Mk27/99) 15:15.73 (85.43 mph)
2 Tom Bellamy (Phantom P94) 15:16.46
3 Dan Eagling (Mallock Mk27)
4 Chris Hart (Mallock Mk16)
5 Guy Woodward (Mallock Mk23)
6 Peter Richings (Mallock Mk27SG)

Fastest Lap Bellamy 1:30.24 (86.69 mph) New Lap Record
Pole Position Bellamy 1:29.76 (87.15 mph)

Top Six After Round 10
1Tom Bellamy215 2Clive Woodward179 3Howard Payne156
4Peter Richings154 5Peter Clark145 6James Lindley130
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Round 11, Brands Hatch, Saturday September 30th, 16 Laps
A superb start by second row man Peter Clark carried him into the K Sports 1600 lead, the outgoing champ leading home poleman Daniel Eagling. Tom Bellamy took third and the championship mantle.
(Dud Candler)

1 Peter Clark (Mallock Mk27/99) 13:22.561 (88.08 mph)
2 Daniel Eagling (Mallock Mk27) 13:23.607
3 Tom Bellamy (Phantom P94)
4 Peter Richings (Mallock Mk27SG)
5 Clive Woodward (Mallock Mk23)
6 Guy Woodward (Mallock Mk16)

Fastest Lap Clark 49.264 (89.60 mph) New Lap Record
Pole Position Eagling 49.182 (89.75 mph)

Top Six After Round 11
1Tom Bellamy225 (223)2Clive Woodward1953Peter Richings172
4Peter Clark1715Howard Payne1706James Lindley143 (133)
Total of best 10 results in brackets.

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Round 12, Snetterton, Sunday October 15th, 12 Laps
With K Sports champion Tom Bellamy absent, outgoing titleholder Peter Clark ended his reign with an easy win. Peter Richings, Clive Woodward and Daniel Eagling scrapped tremendously for second, Richings taking it on the line.
(Oliver Timson)

K Sports 1600 champion Tom Bellamy missed the Snetterton finale after dislocating his shoulder. He had clinched the title at the penultimate round and is now looking to move to National Supersports.
Autosport 19.10.2000

Mike Luck drove his DART S16K Sports 1600 racer - the first front-engined car of its type for six years - at Snetterton last weekend. It is the first of its kind since the Mallock Mk31.
Autosport 19.10.2000

1 Peter Clark (Mallock Mk27/99) 15:13.989 (92.96 mph)
2 Peter Richings (Mallock Mk27SG) 15:24.319
3 Daniel Eagling (Mallock Mk27)
4 Clive Woodward (Mallock Mk23)
5 James Lindley (Mallock Mk27SG)
6 Howard Payne (Mallock Mk28)

Fastest Lap Clark 1:15.297 (93.33 mph)
Pole Position Clark 1:14.471 (94.36 mph)

Top Six After Round 12
1Tom Bellamy235 (223)2Clive Woodward213 (200)3Peter Clark198 (198)
4Peter Richings194 (182)5Howard Payne185 (171)6James Lindley159 (139)
Total of best 10 results in brackets.

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