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22 January 2018

The new season approaches: 2018 membership form
The new season's membership form is available for you to complete and return. Click on the tab at the top of any page to download it. (There may be references to 2017 in the download, please ignore them - you will get the 2018 document.)

23 December2017

Merry Christmas
The entire IT department and his wife wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Successful New Year.

14 December 2017

Recently spotted on the CR Facebook pages
Click on these links to see the content:
Arrive and drive in 2018?
Photos from the DD
Richard Mallock organised a post DD walk
KISS engine news

7 November 2017

DD Banquet menu
The DD menu can be downloaded as a Word file or as a PDF. Note that if you want a choice other than the set menu (HAM/CHICKEN/CHEESECAKE) you need to let Michelle know BEFORE Friday 10th November. Email: (Change AT to @)

5 November 2017

Drivers' meeting minutes
The minutes of the meeting on 29th October can be downloaded here.

12 October 2017

*** Annual drivers' meeting, Sunday 29th October at 12:00 noon. ***
The meeting venue is the Silverstone Clubhouse (outside Luffield). Please note that any proposals or Agenda items must be sent to Michelle by the end of next week, Friday 20th October.
Email: (Change AT to @)

12 October 2017

Update from Silverstone International meeting
The "Current season" page has the final Championship results along with links to the timing information from TSL and photo galleries from Joy and Paul. There is also a link to videos from the meeting.

3 October 2017

Lap records
The "Lap Records" page has been updated with records set this year under the new class structure.

9 September 2017

*** Dinner Dance/Awards Presentation Booking Form ***
The booking form can be downloaded here.

9 September 2017

Albums of photos from Joy and Paul are now on the site and can be found by following the links on the "Current season" page. There is also a link to several videos from this meeting.

5 September 2017

The Championship tables have been updated on the "Current season" page where you will also find a link to the TSL data for this meeting.

1 August 2017

Silverstone GP & Oulton Park photo galleries
All photographs from Joy and Paul have now been uploaded and can be viewed via the links on the "Current season" and "Photo galleries" pages.

29 June 2017

Thruxton testing 1 Sept 2017
There will be testing at Thruxton on the afternoon of 1 Sept. A booking form with full details is available by clicking here.

26 June 2017

Silverstone GP
The "Current season" page now has the updated Championship tables (subject to final checking) and links to the TSL data and Colin Jackson's video record of the first race.
Loads of photos and lap record information to follow...

15 June 2017

Colin Jackson's race videos and many on board videos are posted on Facebook. Unfortunately they scroll quickly out of view and become difficult to find; I am attempting to fix that by providing an index to this season's new material. After each meeting the last column for that meeting on the "Current season" page will show a link "Videos", clicking on that will take you to the appropriate page. The "Video galleries" link on each page also leads to this information.

25 May 2017

Pembrey photos
There is a gallery of photos from Pembrey with thanks to Joy, to view it click here.

23 May 2017

The Championship scores have been updated (provisionally, let me know if there are errors) and a link to our Timing Solutions Ltd data has been added to the "Current season" page.

13 May 2017

BARC information for our meetings
The table on the "Current season" page now has a column headed "Meeting info." Clicking on "Available" next to any meeting will link to BARC's page specific to that meeting containing (when available) some or all of 1. The up to date timetable, 2. The FIs, 3. The entry list.

9 May 2017

  • Michelle writes "Reflecting on a great weekend of Clubmans racing at Croft. Whilst numbers weren't as high as we'd hoped, we were still treated to some fabulous race battles, especially between Barnett and Hunter. It was great to see Jonty back out in the Beagle and Clarke stunned us all with his pace, only narrowly missing the Foley lap record. Barry suffered a dramatic crash after brake failure in Race 2, which gifted Mike 3 class victories.
    Massive thanks to the ladies that helped me with the catering, it definitely brought the Clubmans family together, the atmosphere in the paddock was fabulous, and we all enjoyed some drinks and music around the fire.
    Already looking forward to Pembrey! Hope some more of you can join us."
  • There is a link to the timing data for this meeting on the "Current season" page
  • Photos from Joy and Paul here.

6 February 2017

Clubmans Register AGM 2017
All members are invited to join the Committee in attending this meeting to discuss Clubmans Register governance and finances going forward. Please note that any resolutions proposed must be submitted by 24th February.
The details are here.

28 January 2017

New on the forum this week
1. W&H Peacock are selling a Phantom at auction on February 4th. Full details are here.
2. Jack Walton wants your time expired crash helmet for MSA training.

26 January 2017

New class structure on BARC site
There is an article on the BARC site describing our new class structure, read it by clicking here.

21 January 2017

Fixed links
Clicking on the logo at the top left of any page will return directly to the "Home" page.
The "Race with us" and "M'ship form" tabs at the top of each page now correctly link to the relevant documents kindly provided by Peter Burnham.
The random pictures at the top of each page now randomise correctly; the Steve Everson exclusive is at an end.
The photo gallery links now all work - unless you know differently!

21 January 2017

New threads in the forum this week (to 21 Jan)
1 Charlie Mallock on Mallock Sports at Race Retro.
2 Jamie added a note about balaclava regulations.

18 January 2017

Problems on site so far identified
Paul has let me know that several of the 2014 photo galleries are missing. A search party has been sent out!
*** Fixed ***

17 January 2017

You can now download the 2017 Clubmans Register membership form
Clicking the "M'ship form" link at the top of any page will download the form for this year. For technical reasons, soon to be fixed, the download will identify as the 2016 form but it is the correct form.
*** Fixed ***

12 January 2017

Site ready for 2017 season
After a short break the site is being hosted by a new company,, whose servers are quicker than the one the site was previously on and which was about to be decomissioned. The changeover has been lengthy (sorry!) and it may be that parts haven't transferred properly. If you think you have found any errors or omissions please let me know via the "Contact" page. One area that has gone, maybe permenantly, is the Committee column although I may try to resurrect it in time.
Meanwhile the 2017 is here and the "Current Season" page is ready to go.
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