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2021 Calendar and News


8th June

Snetterton 300 updates
This site is now updated with information and results from the 3rd meeting of the season, on the Snetterton 300 circuit. Another large field with some new drivers out for the first time meant that so far 40 drivers have competed this season. Good clean fast racing all televised was a great advertisment for Clubmans at a meeting where Clive Wood (CSP 1) Martin Walker (CSP 3) and Alan Cook (CSP A) set or established new lap records. The lap records are shown on their own page while the new Championship table along with downloadable PDFs of the tables are on the current season page. The current season page also has links to the comprehensive PDF booklets produced by TSL containing data on every lap by every driver in all sessions. MSVR produce attractive downloadable programmes for all meetings, you can download your copy from the current season page too.

1st June

Message from Pete Richings:

As an experiment we have arranged for all three rounds of the Clubmans Sports Prototype Championship to be live streamed from Snetterton this weekend. We are working with who will also be covering the GT Cup series. This should be available for viewing on either:
Our Facebook page
The Clubmans Sports Prototype channel on YouTube:

The race schedule: (Be aware that the races could take place up to 20 mins early.)

Saturday Race 1, 2:00pm
Sunday Race 2, 11:05 am
Sunday Race 3, 5:25 pm

19th May

Silverstone updates
This site is now updated with information and result to the 2nd meeting of the season, on the Silverstone National circuit an 15th/16th May. A huge field, 3 races, changeable weather and no pace car - well done to all concerned. The updated Championship table is on the Current Season page. Also on that page is a link to the full TSL timing booklet where every lap is recorded in great detail and at the foot of the page is a link to a pdf of the Championship data should you want a hard copy of the points so far.
As this was the first meeting of the 'CSP era' of Clubmans on this circuit lap records were established in all classes, of particular note is that Steve Dickens's CSP1 record (0:56.703 - 104.15mph) beats the old 240bhp Proto record. All details are on the 'Lap records' page.

28th April

The MSVR site now contains the 2021 regulations so the "Regulations" tab at the top of this, and the "Current Season" page will now take you there. The document has been removed from this site so attempts to use other links will lead to a "404 - not found!" error.

23rd April

1. The MSVR site is still stating the regs for this season are awaiting approval. Please continue to follow this link to download them and ignore the "Regulations" tab at the top of the page which will link to the regs correctly when the MSVR site has been updated.
2. Mike Evans has asked me to post this link to the new Clubmans Sports Prototype channel on YouTube.
3. Mike has also posted this document which has some information for anyone wanting to hire or buy a CSP car.

14th April

Donington update
The "Current season" page has been updated with points and positions along with a link to the full Timing Solutions document for this meeting.
Lap records were established in all classes, the "Lap records" page has been updated accordingly and Barry Webb's CSP3 record fom Brands Hatch last season has been added.
You can download a pdf document showing the Championship status for each class by clicking on this link.

9th April

2021 Regulations
The regs for this season have been released. Please follow this TEMPORARY link to download them. For now ignore the "Regulations" tab at the top of the page which will link to the regs correctly when the MSVR site has been updated.

9th March

Date change for final meeting
Please note that the date of the final meeting of 2021 has been altered to 30th October.

4th March

*** Donington now a one-day meeting on Saturday April 10th. ***
Pete Richings wrote today:
Yesterday Motorsport UK announced that they will only issue one day race permits until April 19th. This clearly affects our opening meeting at Donington, which will now be a one day event with qualifying and two races on Saturday April 10th. MSVR will credit us for the lost track time and we will in turn credit you. The entry fee for the meeting will now be as the October Donington meeting (£***) so you will all be credited with £*** (assuming you have entered of course!)
MSVR have told me that they will allow competitors to stay in the paddock on the Friday night on the condition that social bubbles are maintained. It is disappointing I know but all race meetings planned in March were scrapped and we are lucky that we can have one day at least as we come slowly out of lockdown.
I anticipate further guidance from Motorsport UK and MSVR in the next week and I will keep you informed.
Any issues or questions please contact me. I will do my best to help of course. No one has all the answers at the moment!
If anyone plans a last minute entry before tomorrow night please note the new entry fee.

31st January

I am in the process of tidying up this site and while I'm doing it am taking the opportunity to widen the pages slightly (this is mainly to accommodate the tables on the current season page now there are 19 rounds). You may notice on some pages the formatting has been spoiled. This will be fixed over rhe next few days...
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