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15 July 2018

The "Current season" page has been updated with the latest Championship standings, links to the TSL data and photos from Joy

6 June 2018

Donington Park reports
Peter Scherer's race reports for this meeting have been added and can be accessed via the "Current season" page.

5 June 2018

All the Donington Park news
The "Current season" page has been updated with the latest Championship standings, links to the TSL data, photos from Joy and Paul as well as links to some videos uploaded to Facebook by Pete Richings. Peter Scherer's report will be added later along with any further video links when they become available.

22 May 2018

The "Current season" page
In case you missed the recent discussion in the forum I confirm that Peter Scherer's race reports are now linked from the Current season page on this site. For each meeting there is a link to the circuit's web site and a link to the MyWeather2 site for up to date circuit weather information. BARC's meeting information is available from a link on this page so you can quickly find and download the latest timetables FIs and entry lists.
After each meeting a link to TSL Timing's, Clubmans specific, PDF showing all results and lap times gets added along with galleries of photos from Joy and Paul [1] (and occasionally other photographers) to add to the archive of pictures now held here. As mentioned above, race reports are linked from this page as are videos of the meetings as hosted on Facebook.
Anything you would like to see in addition to this? Drop me a note via the Contact page.

[1] Thanks to them both for supplying the majority of the pictures on the site - it would be a boring place without their contributions.

22 January 2018

The new season approaches: 2018 membership form
The new season's membership form is available for you to complete and return. Click on the tab at the top of any page to download it. (There may be references to 2017 in the download, please ignore them - you will get the 2018 document.)
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