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21 Oct 2008

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29 Sep 2008

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12 Sept 2008

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12 Sept 2008

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The BARC Clubmans Cup is the current manifestation of a race championship that one way and another is in its 42nd year... The racing is close and clean and very fast, with the average lap record speed at 91.66mph. Some circuits see the top 10 runners at average lap speeds in excess of 100 mph. Grids presently average a typical 20+. The minimum race distance is 20 miles and on the longer circuits are of 10 laps duration.

The Clubmans Register is the Driver's Club which owns the regulations and the championship is organised and administered for the Register by BARC; the 2 Clubs having a very close working relationship. To compete, drivers have to be a racing member of both clubs.
Essentially the cars should be considered as prototypes, because innovation within the regulations is welcomed, and there is considerable freedom in key areas. That said, the essence of the series is fast but cost effective racing, hence certain materials are banned and others are limited as to use. There are at least 3 cars racing that were designed and built by the driver. The cars have been and sometimes are described as front engined sports racing cars; but in reality the technical regulations are unique and they can only be described as what they are: Clubmans cars.

How do I get involved?

Information about The Clubmans Register, including a downloadable membership application form is available at the Register's portal website


The regulations for this championship are published by BARC and should be obtained from its site Clicking on the following link may get the regulations for you but its performance isn't guaranteed. Download regulations.

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