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BARC, King Henry's Taverns Championship
Month Date(s) Circuit Notes
April 29/30 Croft  
May 20/21 Pembrey Includes an additional free practice session.
June 24/25 Silverstone GP  
July 8 Oulton Park 1 day meeting, qualifying and 2 races.
September 2/3 Thruxton  
October 7/8 Silverstone International  
Unless noted above the format for all meetings is 1 qualifying session and 3 races.
Full details, including results, are on this page.

21 January 2017

Fixed links
Clicking on the logo at the top left of any page will return directly to the "Home" page.
The "Race with us" and "M'ship form" tabs at the rop of each page now correctly link to the relevant documents kindly provided by Peter Burnham.
The random pictures at the top of each page now randomise correctly; the Steve Everson exclusive is at an end.
The photo gallery links now all work - unless you know differently!

21 January 2017

New threads in the forum this week (to 21 Jan)
1 Charlie Mallock on Mallock Sports at Race Retro.
2 Jamie added a note about balaclava regulations.

18 January 2017

Problems on site so far identified
Paul has let me know that several of the 2014 photo galleries are missing. A search party has been sent out!

17 January 2017

You can now download the 2017 Clubmans Register membership form
Clicking the "M'ship form" link at the top of any page will download the form for this year. For technical reasons, soon to be fixed, the download will identify as the 2016 form but it is the correct form.

12 January 2017

Site ready for 2017 season
After a short break the site is being hosted by a new company,, whose servers are quicker than the one the site was previously on and which was about to be decomissioned. The changeover has been lengthy (sorry!) and it may be that parts haven't transferred properly. If you think you have found any errors or omissions please let me know via the "Contact" page. One area that has gone, maybe permenantly, is the Committee column although I may try to resurrect it in time.
Meanwhile the 2017 is here and the "Current Season" page is ready to go.
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